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Acid Fume Hood Cabinets
Acid Fume Hood Cabinets
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Sell Acid Fume Hood Cabinets

Specification of Acid Fume Hood Cabinets

MMS G 120:120 x 60 x 200 cm, Blower: 1/4 HP

1. Material: 18 mm Multiplex coated with HPL (Soft finishing)
2. Pedestal Desk: Black Granite Resistant chemical and acid Solution
Optional: Stainless Steel, Phenolic Resin and ceramics
3. Door: Stainless, Sliding Rail with transparent glass
4. Lamps: TL 1 x 20 Watt
5. Blower: Chemical resistant
Blower pipe: made from PVC 6"
6. Color: color does not Bind/to order



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